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While your skin may look lustrous and smooth on the outer layer, you may still have dull dry skin underneath. Without the proper care your skin can get wrinkly and damaged.

You can improve your inner skin health and in turn your outer layer of skin. Here are some helpful tips to boost skin health:

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Drink water. Your skin is one of the major organs that consume a lot of fluid. The water is distributed to your cells and skin tissue. The average person needs at least 8 cups of water a day, but if you sweat a lot you should take in more water.

Omega-3 fatty acids can help dry and dull skin. These acids are made up of EPA and DHA and help to prevent cellular inflammation. Cellular inflammation is a large factor to aging and deep skin dryness.

Keep your skin moisturized.  Another good way to keep your skin from getting dry and dull is to use a good moisturizer. Look for moisturizers with keratin and vitamin E.
Keratin is a protein capable of producing more collagen and elastin. Keratin not only relieves skin dryness, but promotes skin elasticity. Vitamin E supplements can keep your skin dewy and moist from the inside. It can nourish deep skin cells and layers of skin. Vitamin E also fights harmful free radicals to prolong youthful skin.

Aesthetica Medical Spa offers many skin rejuvenating treatments and products such as:


If you would like a free consultation on how to combat dull, dry skin with medical spa treatments or products, call us at 801-785-8884. We look forward to hearing from you!

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