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Your eyelashes can become brittle, thin, and fragile over time and must be treated delicately. The harsh chemicals found in most cosmetic products can cause increased the fragility. While mascara may provide temporary enhancement for eyelashes, in the long run, they may damage them. 

Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes can be treated with conditioners to restore and maintain a healthy appearance.

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Hair follicles are an important part of the skin’s structure and they age, just as the skin does. When hair follicles age they lose theirability to produce and support strong hairs. Environmental factors such as the sun, toxins, and pollutants in the air can damage the skin and hair follicles.

There are many products on the market that are designed to address issues associated with age and the environment and how they affect eyelashes.

Stimulating circulation in hair follicles allows the follicle to produce stronger, healthier hairs.

The eyes and eyelashes require extra special treatment because they are among the most sensitive areas of the body.  There are high-quality products, such as Latisse, on the market that are proven to heal damage that has been done by age and the environment.

Aesthetica Medical Spa offers many treatments for eyelashes such as:

You can restore and enhance your eyelashes! Schedule your free eyelash consultation with and Aesthetica Medical Spa expert to find out which treatments are best for you. Our offices are conveniently located in Lindon, Utah.  Call us at 801-785-8884 today!


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