Phone: 877-580-2622
Phone: 877-580-2622

Inklifters and Aesthetica Medical Spa & Laser Center LLC

Inklifters of Utah - Aesthetica Medical Spa Utah

On August 1, 2012 Aesthetica Medical Spa & Laser Center acquired the rights to the Inklifters name.  Aesthetica agreed with the former Inklifters team to treat active Inklifter active clients.  We will complete existing or outstanding treatment packages.

If you are a patient of Inklifters please do not hesitate to call our clinic with questions and/or scheduling requests. In the next few weeks we here at Aesthetica will reach out to all of the active Inklifters patients to arrange for appointment scheduling and answer any questions or concerns.  Medical records from Inklifters will be transferred to Aesthetica in order to assist in the transition of care.

The Inklifters toll-free number, 888-UNDO-INK now redirects to Aesthetica Medical Spa.

To past Inklifter clients, we look forward to having you as part of the Aesthetica family.