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Melasma and Sun Damaged Skin | Skin Treatments Utah

Melasma is a very common patchy brown, tan, or blue-gray facial skin discoloration, almost entirely seen during a woman's reproductive years. Melasma typically appears on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and forehead. It is uncommon for men to have melasma, however not impossible.
Melasma - Sun Damaged Skin - Skin Care Treatments - Aesthetica Medical Spa UtahMelasma is often thought to be attributed to sun exposure, hormones such as those that are in birth control pills, and most often the hormonal changes a woman experiences during pregnancy.
People with olive or darker skin, like Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern individuals, have higher incidences of melasma.
Preventing Melasma can usually be accomplished by avoiding sun and being sure to have sun protection for the face.  If you are suffering from Melasma, Aesthetica Medical Spa offers the following treatments. 

While topical skin care products may work, laser skin treatments are also a highly recommended treatment for Melasma.  If you'd like to schedule a free skin treatment consultation, please call Aesthetica Medical Spa at 801-785-8884.



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