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Only available from a physician offices, Neova therapy products with GHK Copper Peptide Complex provide the perfect anti-aging system for your skin. Neova is vital to the wound repair process, stimulates collagen, and improves skin elasticity.  While Neova offers a braod range of products, the focus at Aesthetica is on the following five.
Neova DNA Total Repair (NEW):  Formulated with three repair enzymes which are all liposome encapsulated. This delivery system has been engineered for the transference of DNA Repair enzymes across the Stratum Corneum and into the Epidermal Cells to enhance DNA Repair of UV irradiated skin.
DNA Repair Nourishing Lotion (NEW):  This lotion provides advanced DNA Repair, enhanced moisturizing properties, and the restorative action of copper peptides. Identifies DNA Damage and speeds it's repair, and reduces the signs of collagen degradation. Hydrates and corrects all skin types.
Neova Balancing Toner:  Astringent witch hazel soothes while five fruit aelds are blended together to rid the skin of dulling dead cells. Silica, an essential mineral for healthy skin, absorbs excess oit deep Within pores and controls sebum production. Silica also acts as a mlcroprism to help reflect
a beautiful complexion. (nonnal to oily skin).
Neova Purifying Cleanser:  An extra-strength oil-dissolving cleanser with tea tree, sage, thyme and eucalyptus that keeps pores clean down deep. Our moisture protecting formula leaves skin fresh and helps controt blemishes. Recommended for oily skin.
Neova Radiant Cleanser:  Three buffered fruit acids-tactic, citric and tartaric - are blended with a gentle system of deep cleansing surfactanls to quickly dissolve unwanted oils, dead cells, dirt and make-up.  Recommended for normal and combination skin.
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