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Uneven Skin Tone | Skin Treatments Utah

Most fair skinned people have an issue with uneven skin tone. This makes it so skin often looks blotchy because there are light and dark patches of skin. Uneven skin tone often occurs for various reasons, most of which can be internal and environmental in nature. Melanin build up is the most common reason for uneven skin tone.

It is normal that some areas of our skin have less melanin than other areas. When the cells with more melanin are exposed to sunlight, they become darker in color while the other cells remain lighter.Uneven Skin Tone - Skin Treatments - Aesthetica Medical Spa

Uneven skin tone can also be attributed to hormonal changes. Women who are pregnant or on birth control pills are more prone to this skin issue. Excessive estrogen can cause melanin to reproduce at a much more rapid rate. There are a lot of ways to deal with uneven skin tone.

Exfoliating your skin regularly will help in achieving an even skin tone. When exfoliating, focus on the darker areas to even out the color. Regular exfoliation will help keep skin from looking blotchy. It is very important not to over exfoliate, just do it once or twice a week.

Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen. It is important to use proper sun protection when you have uneven skin tone because the sun can cause more damage and make it harder to treat. To prevent further damage, use sun protection and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Serious cases of uneven skin tone may require help from a professional. Most skin care devices such as FSD and IPL have been known to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. These devices can penetrate the deeper dermal layers of the skin and remove dead layers of skin. This helps clear pigmentation and skin regeneration.

Aesthetica Medical Spa offers different skin treatments, varying with each individual’s needs. Some of the skin treatments available for uneven tone are:

If you are suffering from uneven skin tone, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with an Aesthetica Medical Spa skin care expert, so they can discuss solutions that are best for you. You can also call us at 801-785-8884 or visit us at our office in Lindon, Utah.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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