4 Hair Removal Treatments You’ll be Thankful are Long Gone

During this time of year, we are often reminded to take a moment out of our hectic lives and to be grateful this time of year. There is plenty to

During this time of year, we are often reminded to take a moment out of our hectic lives and to be grateful this time of year. There is plenty to be grateful for: the beautiful Salt Lake City mountains, the warmer-than-usual weather and the upcoming gatherings with family and friends. But sometimes we should take a moment to be thankful what we don’t have.

The beauty experts at Aesthetica Medical Spa, the premier Utah County and Salt Lake City medical spa, have uncovered some of the most outlandish – and sometimes downright dangerous – hair removal treatments of the past that we can all be thankful are long gone.

#1 Mousey Eyebrows

Many of us still struggle to get the perfect brow. Some women have laser hair removal to eliminate the unwanted hair we loving refer to as “the unibrow.” Others employ pencils and powders to perfect their arch. But in the 1700s a bushy brow was all the rage. However, no one wanted a natural brow.

During this time, women of the upper classes would shave their real eyebrows and attach false ones – often made of furry mouse skin – as a way to enhance their beauty. The fad also dictated the mouse fur be glued higher on the forehead, causing an oh-so-surprised expression.

#2 Arsenic Hair Removal

Women of the Renaissance, without the luxury of safer hair removal methods, like today’s laser hair removal, used a mixture of arsenic and lime to remove unwanted hair.

Although effective, this mixture was poisonous causing, at minimum, redness and painful blisters for weeks. Notes from the same time period suggested an alternative method, however: mixing vinegar and cat waste to burn off the hair.

#3 Feline-Assisted Hair Removal

Like most royalty of the past, Queen Elizabeth I dictated the beauty fads of her time. And she happened to fancy the look of a receding hairline and an eyebrow-less face. This left a sensuous giant-foreheaded appearance, thought to be the standard of beauty at the time.

Women wanting to achieve this look didn’t have the luxury of laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair from the front of their scalp and brow line. Instead they used a mixture of walnut oil or strips of cloth soaked in ammonia (harvested from their feline companions) and vinegar to burn the hair away.

#4 X-Ray Hair Removal

The early patients of Xray technology noticed a reduction of body hair after they were zapped for medical reasons. Unfortunately for a handful of women in the 1920s, X-ray hair removal was introduced with the Tricho System.

The X-ray hair removal system did, in fact, remove unwanted facial and body hair – but it also caused extensive wrinkling, discoloration, carcinoma and ulcerations. We can definitely add this process to the list of reasons to be thankful for laser hair removal in Salt Lake City.

Luckily, you don’t have to endure the questionable hair removal methods above to get that silky smooth skin. You can find the best laser hair removal in Salt Lake City and Utah County at Aesthetica Medical Spa. Call us to schedule your laser hair removal consultation today. Winter is the perfect time – don’t wait! 877.580.2622.