Conquer Your Skin’s Winter Woes at Aesthetica

Like it or not, the Utah winter is upon us. Last week’s warm autumn temperatures in Salt Lake City have given way to a frosty chill and bitter wind. Some

Like it or not, the Utah winter is upon us. Last week’s warm autumn temperatures in Salt Lake City have given way to a frosty chill and bitter wind. Some of us may be excited to hit the slopes, others may be planning a seasonal hibernation, but all of us have to face yet another season of winter skin issues.

Aesthetica Medical Spa, the best medical spa in Utah County and Salt Lake, has a revamped menu and complete line of skin products to prepare your skin for icy months ahead. Read on to discover just a few ways we can help.

Keep Your Skin Well Moisturized

As if our climate couldn’t get any dryer. But, alas, the winter means a drop in humidity, that’s why Salt Lake City residents often fight winter itch, all winter long. At Aesthetica, we have several options to help your thirsty skin stay hydrated this season including facial treatments and moisturizing products. Call to see which treatments we suggest for your specific problems associated with winter skin dryness.

Treat Yourself to a Facial Spa Treatment

Check out one of our customized specials to help rebalance your skin. Salt Lake City medical spa clients have several options including the Aesthetica Express, a 30-minute facial to aid in speeding up cellular activity of the dermal cells to stimulate self-rejuvenation of the dermis, and the Aesthetica Paradise, a one-hour facial that improves skin clarity, elasticity, texture and overall skin health.

Upgrade Your Skincare Products

Winter is the perfect time to show your skin a little love by upgrading your skincare regimen. Aesthetica medical spa is proud to offer Obagi, the leader in medical-grade skincare products. This world-class skincare line provides amazing results to Salt Lake City medical spa clients by eliminating several visible skin conditions including sun damage, discoloration, dryness – among others. Stop by and chat with one of our skincare experts to see which Obagi products should be part of your routine.

Battle the Blues with Botox

A recent study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that Botox may treat the symptoms of depression. The study found a significant reduction of depression in patients after just one Botox treatment. Researchers claim that Botox may beat the blues because it is injected into several nerves that lead directly into the brain.

Many medical professionals are still skeptical about Botox treating depression; however, we do believe eliminating those fine line and wrinkles can give Utah County and Salt Lake City medical spa clients something to smile about. With just one treatment, injectables can make a significant impact to the look and feel of your skin. Choose from products like Juvederm, Botox, Radiesse,and others. All injectable treatments are performed in our beautiful medical spa by one of our highly experienced medical spa professionals.

Schedule Some Time for Med Spa Skin Love

Aesthetica Medical Spa, just a short drive from Salt Lake City, has everything you need to banish tired, dry skin from your winter. Experience customized treatments and products that will make your skin smoking hot no matter what the Salt Lake City thermometer reads.

Get out of the cold and into our beautiful space today. Contact us now at 1-877-580-2622 to see which skin treatments will help you conquer your skin’s winter woes.