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9 Tips for Jaw-Dropping Lashes with Latisse

No doubt you have been told that you have gorgeous eyes, but you may be longing for a bit more flutter. Now you can grow the long, dark, full eyelashes without damaging your own lashes with extensions.
Latisse is a prescription treatment for short, sparse, inadequate lashes that allows you to have the long dark lashes you dream about. Now Salt Lake City and Utah County residents can grow their own natural lashes with help from the Aesthetica Medical Spa team and .

Get the most out of your daily Latisse treatments with these tips:
Not all habits are bad. – Your results rely consistent use. When Latisse is part of your bedtime routine, you are more likely to get killer lashes.

Always in sight. – Seeing something reminds you to use it. Stash the Latisse bottle near your other beauty products so you won’t space using it.

Don’t rush progress. – Only use it once a night. You won’t get longer eyelashes by using the products multiple times a day. Give Latisse time to do its work.

So fresh and so clean, clean.Latisse is best applied to squeaky-clean eyelashes. Before applying Latisse, scrub off that makeup and pop out the contacts.

Shortcuts won’t lead you to longer lashes. – Not all rules are made for breaking. Always use the FDA-approved applicator provided in Latisse the kit. Do not apply on the lower lid; only apply Latisse to the base of upper lashes.

Don’t double up. – So, you missed applying Latisse one night? That doesn’t mean double-duty the next day. Simply apply Latisse the next evening and stay on schedule.

Protect your peepers. – Keeping the Latisse applicator and bottle clean is of primo importance to avoid bacteria-causing infections. The tip of the bottle and applicator should touch the base of your lashes only—don’t set them on the counter and keep your fidgety fingers away.

Finally, you’ll love getting a report card. – Mark your calendar and snap photos each week to keep own before-and-after gallery. This will help you notice the difference in your eyelashes and encourages you to keep it up.

Wait, it’s coming! – Be patient, getting the results from Latisse takes time. If you’re questioning your results at week 8, stick with the treatment. You’ll see the full effects of Latisse bloom at week 16. After 16 weeks chat with your doc to see if you should continue Latisse application.

Get LATISSE Today at Aesthetica Medical Spa
Longer, darker, fuller lashes are possible! Contact Aesthetica Medical Spa, the premier beauty spot for Salt Lake City and Utah County, to schedule your Latisse appointment.

Awesome August Medical Spa Specials

The hot summer weather in Salt Lake City and Utah County has us all hoping for cooler temps. Enjoying the incredible deals at Aesthetica is the perfect way to take a break from the heat in our newly renovated, cooler-than-ever medical spa.

Check out this month’s great offers from Aesthetica Medical Spa, Salt Lake City’s premier beauty destination and schedule your service today!

Wrinkle Relaxer
Summer is about relaxing, right? Stop stressing about those unwanted wrinkles. Get up to $75 dollars off dermal fillers during the month of the August.

Sun Damage Destroyer
Summer sun can wage war on your skin. But Aesthetica has the perfect weapon to undo the damage. Receive $50 off a FotoFacial treatment when you schedule this month.

More Flutter for Free
Longer lashes can make a big statement, and now you can double the flutter with this sweet special on Latisse. Buy a 5ml bottle of Latisse and 20 units of Botox and get a free 3ml bottle of Latisse!

Never Too Early
Did you battle unwanted body hair this summer? Don’t do it ever again. Start prepping for a smoother summer next year with killer deals on laser hair removal treatments at Aesthetica Medical Spa. Finish your treatments and be ready for next pool season with buy-one-get-one deals on laser hair removal.

Incredible Ink Eraser
If you want to rid your skin of unwanted tattoos, you can’t afford not to take a peek at Picosure. The most advanced laser tattoo removal system is now available for Salt Lake City and Utah County residents at Aesthetica. Faster. More Effective. Less Painful. Check it out now!

Botox for Besties
Refer your friends to Aesthetica for Botox, and they will get 20 units just for coming in. What’s in it for you? You’ll get 200 Brilliant Distinction points ($20 credit towards future injections) for each referral. You’ll also get happier friends.

Youthful Vibes
If you are having trouble sleeping, experiencing memory loss or low libido, or just feeling fatigued, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be the answer you are looking for. BioTe pellets can help you feel your best again by giving your body the hormones it no longer produces. Learn how BioTe restores your body’s more youthful balance.

Aesthetica Medical Spa Offers Two Great Options with Juvederm

Juvèderm ® injectables erase years off your face by delivering instant, natural-looking results that last. And now our Salt Lake City and Utah County clients have two great options when choosing Juvèderm XC and Juvèderm XC Voluma. Read on to decide which Juvèderm option is right for you.
Juvèderm XC
Juvèderm XC is a smooth gel filler used to smooth away moderate to severe wrinkles on the face. Juvèderm XC resore the skin’s hyaluronic acid (HA) in your skin.
Where to Use Juvèderm XC
Juvèderm XC is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and nose.  Juvèderm XC is a great option for treating the following problem areas:
  • Parentheses Lines
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Corner Lines
  • Marionette Lines
How Juvèderm XC Works
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally hydrating substance in your skin. As you age, the amount of HA in the skin is reduced due to sunlight and other factors, causing unwanted skin wrinkles and folds. Juvèderm XC restores the HA levels in your skin. 
Juvèderm injectable gel is inserted under the skin to temporarily add volume to facial tissue. With only one treatment, the gel restores smoother, more youthful contours on your face. Results can last up to one year with only one Juvèderm XC treatment.
Juvèderm XC Voluma
Juvèderm Voluma XC is the first and only FDA-approved injectable gel that instantly adds volume to the face.  
Where to Use Juvèderm Voluma XC
Juvèderm Voluma XC gives the cheeks a subtle lift resulting in a more youthful profile. It is specially formulated to add volume to all three areas of the cheeks:
  • Apex
  • Apple
  • Hollow
How Juvèderm Voluma XC Works
Juvèderm Voluma XC is the only Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler approved by the FDA to restore the cheeks’ natural volume. When injected under the skin, Juvèderm XC Voluma plumps the cheeks tissue by restoring HA levels. Fuller cheeks provide patients with a more youthful look. Juvèderm XC Voluma has been clinically proven to deliver results for up to two years.
Juvèderm at Aesthetica Medical Spa
Aesthetica Medical Spa is pleased to offer both Juvèderm XC and Juvèderm XC Voluma to our Salt Lake City and Utah County clients. Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or want to restore the volume in your cheeks (or both!), we have the Juvèderm option that is right for you.

Schedule your Juvèderm or Juvèderm XC appointment with Aesthetica Medical Spa today!

PicoSure: Simply the Best Laser Tattoo Removal System

Aesthetica Medical Spa now offers residents of Salt Lake City and Utah County the sophisticated technology of the new PicoSure laser for tattoo removal. As the only spa in Utah to use PicoSure laser technology, Aesthetica can help you restore your pristine birthday suit in fewer treatments.

The Best Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser tattoo removal has been around for years. Far superior to previous methods, laser tattoo removal banished unwanted ink more effectively than burning or plastic surgery with limited pain. There is no doubt that Q-switched lasers were a major breakthrough in the medical aesthetics business.

However, there has been little advancement in laser tattoo removal in recent years—until now. Better technology means more accurate, more effective lasers. And now Aesthetica has the new system that delivers the best laser tattoo removal. Meet Picosure.

How PicoSure Is Different
The PicoSure laser uses pressure wave technology that delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second. These bursts are 100 times shorter than traditional nanosecond technology in Q-switched technology.

Why Picosure Is the Best Laser Tattoo Removal System

The advanced technology of PicoSure laser tattoo removal system is able to more effectively vanquish tattoos. It focuses intense energy on the tiniest ink particles and fragments them much smaller than Q-switched lasers can. The body then easily absorbs these tiny fragments. What this means for you? Better results in fewer treatments.

Q-switched lasers deliver energy pulses more slowly and rely on photothermal energy to deliver heat to the pigment and surrounding tissue. Using this technology results in:
  • Longer recovery times
  • More treatments for complete tattoo removal
  • Increased damage to the surrounding tissue including skin burns
  • More pain and scabbing
Results of PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal
A recent survey in Dermatology Times tracked the treatment of 24 tattoos during a two-week period. 11 of the tattoos were untreated and 13 tattoos had been previously treated. The tattoos were over 10 years old on the average.

The PicoSure Laser yielded the following results:
  • 80 percent overall tattoo clearance
  • 94 percent clearance of blue and green ink after only one or two treatments
  • No pigment changes or scarring in the treated areas
What to Expect From PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal
Aesthetica is now using PicoSure laser treatment for our Utah County and Salt Lake City residents. When you choose laser tattoo removal from Aesthetica using Utah’s only PicoSure laser removal system, expect the following benefits:
  • Clearance of particularly difficult blue and green inks in half the time
  • Less pain and irritation of treatment area
  • Fewer required treatments
  • Faster recovery times
If you are ready to remove that unwanted body art, don’t wait! Contact Aesthetica Medical Spa, the premier beauty spot for Salt Lake City and Utah County, to schedule your free PicoSure laser tattoo removal consultation today.



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