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Enjoy Summer More with Help from BioTe

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With the Salt Lake City summer just around the corner. From summer vacations to picnics and Utah hikes, summer is a busy season! But if the thought of a non-stop summer leaves you feeling exhausted, you are not alone. Do the words sleepless, irritable, forgetful, anxious, depressed, and worn-out describe you? If you answered “yes” to these symptoms, keep reading to see if BioTe is right for you.  

As women age, their hormones are not as effective as they once were. This is the genius behind bioidentical hormone therapy. Using estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone to balance out hormones in the body, BioTe can help eliminate many symptoms of aging.

The BioTe pellets, which are derived from plants, are organically identical to the estradiol hormones and testosterone hormones that the body naturally creates.This means that Utah BioTe just gives the body the hormones it can no longer produce.

When your hormones are in balance, you will have the energy to participate in busy summer activities. Not only that, you will look good doing it. One of the biggest benefits to Salt Lake City BioTe is increased capacity for getting into shape.

Starting the bioidentical hormones now means you will look fabulous when you are poolside this summer. That’s not all BioTe can do for you. Utah women who have already taken BioTe have reported:

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Stronger libido
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Greater bone density
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Make hot flashes more manageable

The  BioTe experts at Aesthetica Medical Spa will create a custom treatment plan just for you to meet your individual needs. If you think BioTe could help you get the most out of this summer, our Utah medical spa consultants are here to answer your questions! Call us at 877-580-2622 to schedule a consultation to see how BioTe can help you make the most of your summer.

How to Get the Most from Laser Hair Removal

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If you are tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing unwanted body hair, you are a prime candidate for laser hair removal. With the Salt Lake City summer approaching, now is the time to start treatments and have smooth skin just in time for warm weather!

Here are some tips to get the most from laser hair removal:

  • Avoid caffeine the day before your treatment. This will help with pain and keep you relaxed.
  • Stay out of the sun. The laser will add pigmentation to the skin, so any tanning will increase the pigmentation. After your hair removal treatment, use SPF 20 or higher if you plan on being outside. Salt Lake City’s high elevation makes us more susceptible to sun exposure.
  • Do not tweeze or wax your hair for at least 6 weeks before your treatment. Only shave or use a hair removal cream to manage hair growth.
  • Shave the day before your treatment. Shaving will allow the laser to accurately locate the hair follicles.
  • Complete all treatments. After your first and second treatment, you may think that the hair is gone forever! This is not the case. To be effective, you will need to receive the total number of recommended treatments.
  • Schedule a consultation with a Utah medical spa. This consultation will give you more specifics on the treatments your skin will require.
  • Decide which areas you’d like to have laser hair removal treatment. If you are interested in treating more than one area of your body, talk to your Salt Lake City medical spa about discounts for multiple treatments. This could mean big savings in the long run.

Talk to the experienced technicians at Aesthetica Medical Spa, just a short drive from Salt Lake City, to customize your laser tattoo removal treatments. And, during the month of March, purchase a Brazilian bikini laser hair removal membership and get an underarm laser hair removal membership for FREE! ($410 value).

Don’t wait or you could miss out on this amazing medical spa dea! Call us at 877-580-2622 to set an appointment.

Laser Tattoo Removal by the Numbers

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50%: Percentage of inked people who want a tattoo removed.

Once one of the hottest fads around, many Americans are now regretting going under the inked needle. If you are one of the millions experiencing tattoo regret, you are in luck.

Inklifters at Aesthetica is offering top-of-the-line laser technology to ensure that your experience is less painful and more effective.

3 to 6 sessions: The average number of sessions it takes to removal.

In the past, laser tattoo removal required up to 15 treatments. Luckily, the treatment has been revolutionized and now takes less than half the time!

Before committing to tattoo removal, you should first schedule a consultation with a professional to discuss the type of treatment you’ll need and the expected number of sessions. The size, color, location and age of the tattoo will determine the number of laser tattoo removal treatments. .

4 to 6 weeks: The recommended time between treatments.

Laser tattoo removal works through your body’s immune system. The laser activates the immune system; it then attacks the tattoo ink and pushes it out of the body.

This process takes about 4 to 6 weeks—give your body time to do its work. If the tattoo is treated earlier than the recommended 4 weeks, it will not speed up the removal process.

3 times: How much faster PicoSure removes tattoos versus older laser systems.

Although Q-switched lasers were effective at removing tattoos, the new PicoSure laser can do it more quickly, more effectively, and with less pain.

$400-$3000: Average cost to have a tattoo removed.

Just like the number of treatments for each tattoo varies, so does the cost. The cost per square inch per treatment is typically around $125. If your tattoo is large, or is a cover up tattoo, you may spend a little more to get it removed.

Curious about laser tattoo removal?

Inklifters at Aesthetica was the first in Utah County or Salt Lake City to have the PicoSure laser system. If you are considering laser tattoo removal, schedule a consultation with one of the experts at Aesthetica. Call us today to learn more. 877-580-2622.

Get Ready for Summer with March Medical Spa Specials

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Salt Lake City Laser Hair Removal

Planning on slipping into a bikini this summer? Don’t waste precious time shaving or waxing off unwanted hair. Utah laser hair removal has never been this great!

Aesthetica Medical Spa uses lasers that offer the fastest, most effective system available. Laser hair removal requires about 6-10 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, so get started today to be ready for your summer vacation!

If the pain of Salt Lake City hair removal has stopped you in the past, you should know that our Utah medical spa offers a cooling system and an anesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as ever.

During the month of March,purchase a Brazilian bikini laser hair removal membership and get an underarm laser hair removal membership for FREE! ($410 value)

Injectable Special Extended!

If you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles or fine lines, March is your month! Now, Aesthetica is offering $100 off Juvederm.

Lines around your nose and mouth will be a thing of the past! After just one treatment, you will have smooth, hydrated skin for up to one year. One of the many benefits of Utah Juvederm is that it can be customized to give you the look that you want.

This Salt Lake City Juvederm deal only gets better- come see us and combine Juvederm with Botox* for ANOTHER $150 off. No Salt Lake City medical spa will leave you looking this good for such a great price! Quantities are limited, so call us today!

Experience Our Signature Facial

If the harsh winter air has left your skin feeling dry and looking dull, come in to our Salt Lake City Medical Spa for a facial.

Our signature facial will improve the elasticity and texture of your skin in just one hour! Experience the rejuvenating and clarifying benefits of a facial from one of Aesthetica’s Master Estheticians and get a FREE microdermabrasion during March. ($45 value).

Utah microdermabrasion sloughs off the top layer of skin to stimulate new growth. This will leave you with taut, smooth skin. There is no discomfort associated with microdermabrasion. After this treatment and a facial, you will be amazed at how your skin improves in just one day!

VelaShape is here!

VelaShape will smooth your cellulite to give you the look you want for summer.

Aesthetica Utah medical spa offers our patients VelaShape, because it is versatile enough to be used on any body area that may need countering. We are proud to offer VelaShape, because it contours the skin’s surface with no downtime, so you can go back to your life after leaving our Salt Lake City medical spa.

In March, you can take 20% off a VelaShape treatment. When you combine your VelaShape and UltraShape treatments, you can take advantage of another March deal-50% of the cost of the VelaShape.

Don’t miss our March medical spa specials!

Call us at 877-580-2622 to schedule your appointment. 

All About Injectables & Dermal Fillers

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The biggest secret to looking younger isn’t really a secret anymore. Botox® is a well-known solution to soften the look of wrinkles and reduce the lines that can make you look and feel old. But you may not know that there are a lot of injectable options that can help restore your skin’s youthful appearance and reduce lines and scars.

Several Salt Lake Medical Spas offer a variety of anti-aging treatments that can be very effective for minimizing wrinkles and lines. Which are the best for treating your aging issues? To help you decide, we’re going to tell you a little about Belotero®, Dysport™, and Juvéderm Voluma™ XC injectable dermal fillers.


Belotero Dermal Filler contains hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural component of youthful skin. This injectable treatment can soften the look of smiles lines around the mouth and those vertical lines along the lips that can ruin the look of your favorite lipstick. Belotero binds with water, so when it’s injected, it fills in the unique wrinkles and folds of your face, giving you smooth and natural results. These unique properties allow it to adapt within the skin for soft and even correction. Utah aesthetic spas and laser centers often use Belotero on their patients looking for a more youthful appearance.

Belotero could be a good choice for you if you want to soften

  • Smile lines
  • Vertical lip lines


Dysport is very similar to Botox, but it contains a different protein. Your Utah aesthetic medical spa can administer Dysport to relax the facial muscles that result in the deep creases that appear between the eyes (called glabellar lines). These are the lines that appear when you squint, concentrate, or frown. It can also give you a moderate brow lift. Very small amounts of Dysport are injected directly into the facial muscles beneath the creases. The active ingredient in Dysport blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, reducing activity and preventing the contraction that can cause frown lines. Several Salt Lake medical spas can offer Dysport facial treatments. It usually takes between 3-5 painless injections before you see the softening and smoothing of facial wrinkles.

Dysport is recommended for those who would like to reduce

  • Frown lines
  • Sagging brows


Juvéderm Voluma™ XC is an FDA-approved filler that can instantly add volume to the cheek area. This treatment is clinically proven and can give you a subtle lift that will restore the youthful contour of your face for up to 2 years. Juvéderm Voluma XC is an especially effective tool that Utah medical spas use to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth. It is also good for improving the overall contour and outline of your face. Many Medical Spas in Salt Lake and throughout Utah offer Juvéderm Voluma XC treatments. This product is only available for patients over 21 and can have side effects, so please be aware of those before undergoing treatment.

Juvéderm Voluma™ XC is used to improve

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Frown lines
  • Folds around the nose and mouth

Injectable Treatment at Aesthetica Medical Spa

Are you considering Botox or injectable dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles and fine lines? The injectable experts at Aesthetica Medical Spa can help create the perfect treatment plan for you. Schedule your consultation today at 877-580-2622.

BioTe® Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Men

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Last week we shared how Salt Lake laser hair removal can be a great option for men. This week we discover how bio-identical hormone therapy can also help the guys.

As men get older, their bodies aren’t always able to keep up with them anymore. Men in Salt Lake City may decide to make some lifestyle changes in order to feel better, such as eating better and working out. However, changes in diet and exercise routines may not be enough to bring back the energy and vitality that came naturally to them in their younger years.

For many men, the culprit may actually be hormones—specifically, the body’s inability to produce sufficient amounts of hormones such as testosterone. This leads to a condition commonly known as Low-T.  Below are just a few symptoms of Low-T:

  • Weight gain. The body is not able to burn fat as quickly as it once did, making it harder to shed pounds.
  • Muscle loss. Greater muscle mass makes the body more efficient, so losing muscles can also make it harder to lose weight.
  • Fatigue. Hormone imbalances mean the body functions less efficiently, leading to feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Depression. In addition to feeling sluggish, hormone imbalances can lead to depression and lower self-esteem.
  • Low stamina. One of the most obvious signs to men that they have Low-T is a reduced libido and loss of interest in sex.

More and more men are turning to Salt Lake City bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to address these issues. Bio-identical hormones are identical to the ones naturally produced by our bodies. Because these hormones are chemically identical, they can help Salt Lake City men regain the hormonal balance that may be the root cause of many issues.

Not all hormone therapy treatments are the same, however. Traditional methods, such as patches applied to the skin, topical creams or pills taken orally can be effective, but they are inconsistent. The up-and-down effect of inconsistent treatment can be disruptive and lead to dosages that are too strong or not strong enough—at exactly the wrong times for when you need a consistent dose.

The way around this is BioTe, a hormone pellet therapy system for both men and women. BioTe treatments can be administered at a Utah medical spa. Rather than a pill you swallow or a cream or patch you apply to the skin, BioTe pellets are injected under the skin by a Salt Lake City medical spa professional. This subcutaneous administration of hormones provides for a worry-free way to administer a consistent dose over time to help men regain the feelings of vitality on a more regular basis.

Salt Lake City BioTe treatments may be a good option for men who haven’t been able to find a solution to their hormone imbalance issues. Consulting with the experts at a Salt Lake City medical spa can give you hope to correct the problems you may have thought you could not overcome.

Find out today if BioTe bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from a Utah medical spa is right for you. Call Aesthetica Medical Spa at 801.899.0030 to set your consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Sensitive Skin

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For people with sensitive skin, the idea laser hair removal will offer relief from the pain associated with waxing and shaving. Our Utah medical spa offers laser hair removal on many different parts of the body. If all of your skin is sensitive, or if you have a specific area with sensitivity, here are some tips on how to assure that your experience with laser hair removal is a great one.

If you are interested in Utah laser hair removal and have sensitive skin, you should discuss the following topics in your consultation to determine if laser hair removal will work for you.

Patch Test

If you are concerned that your sensitive skin will have a reaction to laser hair removal, you should ask for a patch test to be done on your skin. A patch test is done to determine if laser hair removal will be safe for your skin type.  After about 24 hours, you will know if your skin will handle a laser hair removal treatment well.

Throughout the patch test, the type of laser used will be specified to your type of skin and your hair type. You should expect your skin to be slightly swollen, a bit red, and have goosebumps.

Keeping Comfortable

Receiving Salt Lake City hair removal is accompanied with a bit of discomfort. The sensation for each person is different, but if you have extremely sensitive skin you should request that a numbing cream be applied prior to the procedure. This topical cream will not change the effectiveness of the hair removal.

Some creams take up to 30 minutes to start working. Be sure to apply it early enough so the numbing is successful. Also applying an icepack to your skin ten minutes before the procedure has also been known to cut down on the pain.

During the laser hair removal session, you can ask the technician to use a cold attachment on the laser that will deliver a stream of cold air onto your skin. This will help soothe the area to make your skin more comfortable.

The Laser

Our Salt Lake City medical spa offers different lasers for hair removal depending on your hair color and the color of your skin. Darker skin and fairer skin are usually more sensitive, so the laser for that procedure will be chosen carefully. Once the correct laser has been chosen, you will be ready for your first treatment.

If the level of discomfort becomes too much, be sure to speak up. There are things that can be done to make you feel more relaxed. Our Utah laser hair removal process can be done in either a fast burst or a slow and continuous speed. If the pain of the laser hair removal is too much, be sure to ask for a break. It should be a good experience!

If you are thinking of taking advantage of our Salt Lake City laser hair removal services, call us today at 877-580-2622.

We Love Our Clients! Here are the Specials to Prove It

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to give yourself a little love.  Aesthetica medical spa is offering amazing deals on products the products that will make your heart pitter patter. Need gifts for your sweetheart? No problem. We have some of those to.

Combine Juvederm and Botox to Save

February is the month to treat yourself to luscious lips with Juvederm. You’ll receive $100 off of this marvelous treatment. The results from one treatment are proven to last a full 12 months, so you’ll be looking fabulous all year long. Juvederm is a dermal filler that erases smile lines and vertical lip lines.

And Juvederm makes a perfect couple with other Salt Lake City medical spa treatments. This month, if you combine your Juvederm treatment with Botox, you will save $150 more! You can save $250 total with Juvederm and 30 units of Botox.

Why is Botox such a great match for Juvederm? Utah Botox treatments smooth out the lines between your eyebrows and on the forehead. Botox treatments only take about 10 minutes and take away the deep wrinkles in the face by letting facial muscles relax. The treatment lasts three to four months and delivers a glowing, youthful look. Nurse Practitioners and Physicians administer Botox here at Aesthetica Medical Spa to ensure you have a smooth, energetic look.

20% off all Obagi Products

If you haven’t experienced Obagi, pamper yourself this month. The entire Obagi Skin Care line is discounted 20% in February.

Our Salt Lake City medical spa loves Obagi, because Obagi Medical developed these skin products for all types of of skin and addresses specific needs. From hyperpigmentation to rosacea or acne, Obagi Medical Products are clinically-proven to improve the health of skin for our Salt Lake and Utah County medical spa clients.

If you’ve heard amazing things about Obagi, but aren’t sure where to get started, call 801-785-8884 today to schedule a complimentary skin care analysis and consultation with an Aesthetica Master Esthetician.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas with LaLicious Bath and Body

We have packed up the perfect gifts for that special someone in your life:

Sweetheart Massage and Lalicious Body Butter and Hand Cream gift set for $107

LaLicious hydrating body butter will rejuvenate your skin by using shea butter and safflower oil. Skin will be silky smooth and hydrated thanks to Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. LaLicious will nourish your skin to keep it looking luminous.

Aesthetica’s Signature Pedicures for Two plus Lalicious Body Butter $155

Aesthetica Utah medical spa caries LaLicious products, because its ingredients give the skin long-lasting hydration and LaLicious does not contain parabens or sulfates. This spa-quality formula will give you a spa experience at your own home. Lalicious Body Butter comes in aromatic scents like Sugar Kiss, Sugar Coconut, Sugar Lemon Blossom, and Sugar Reef. Why do you think our medical spa always smells so good?

Radiesse $50 Visa Card

Get Radiesse and get a $50 Visa card.  Radiesse is a facial filler that adds volume to the skin. This contours, corrects and beautifies your face. This technology is revolutionary, because it stimulates the body to produce collagen for a lasting look. The body absorbs Radiesse, so only natural collagen is left behind. Call our Medical Spa, just a quick trip from Salt Lake City, 801-785-8825 today to schedule an appointment with a nurse injector.

Which Injectable is Right for Me?

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Women who are considering injectable treatment at a Salt Lake medical spa may be surprised by how many treatments are now available to them. Within a very short period of time, injectable technology has improved, giving you an array of options when you visit your Salt Lake medical spa.

Each injectable on the market was designed to target a specific aging-related concern in the face. Take a few moments to review the injectable options available at Utah County and Salt Lake Medical Spas to see which is most likely to produce the results you desire.


When women think of receiving injectables, Botox is probably the first to come to mind. Botox is injected to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe wrinkles, with results lasting several months. The Botox injection series is done in only ten minutes, but can shed years from your face.  

If you have any of the following trouble areas, Botox may be right for you if you wish to target:

  • Severe frown lines
  • Moderate to severe crow’s feet from the corner of the eyes
  • Lines between the eyebrows

There is also evidence that Botox treatments may reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches in some people. Contact your doctor to see if Botox therapy for migraines is a good option for you.


Restylane is effective on moderate to severe facial wrinkles with results lasting up to nine months. Made of hyaluronic acid, Restylane restores the volume and fullness to certain areas of the face.

Receiving Restylane treatments at your Utah County or Salt Lake City medical spa can help reduce the appearance of the following wrinkles:

  • Lines around the nose and mouth
  • Wrinkles from the corner of the mouth
  • Lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline called “marionette lines”
  • Lines above the upper lip, or “smoker lines”

Salt Lake City medical spas also use Restylane to improve the appearance of thin lips. Restylane is the only FDA-approved dermal filler for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years age. Full, well-defined lips can leave Salt Lake City medical spa patients looking younger in hours.  


Juverderm is also based on hyaluronic acid, which is cross-linked, meaning the body will reabsorb the gel more slowly. Slowing the absorption process means longer lasting results. In fact, most Salt Lake City medical spa patients need only one Restylane treatment to achieve yearlong results.

Juverderm is used in the following facial area:

  • Moderate to severe smile lines
  • Vertical lip lines

Next month we will examine other injectable options including Belotero®, Dysport® and Juvederm Voluma XC®.

Injectable Treatment at Aesthetica Medical Spa

Are you considering Botox, Restylane or Juverderm? The injectable experts at Aesthetica Medical Spa can help create the perfect treatment plan for you. Schedule your consultation today at 877-580-2622.

PicoSure: 3 Factors that Impact Laser Tattoo Removal Results

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Because we always want our clients to experience the latest and greatest in med spa technology, Aesthetica Medical Spa was the first place in Salt Lake City or Utah County to offer PicoSure laser tattoo removal. And our clients are already experiencing the amazing results of Salt Lake City laser tattoo removal with PicoSure.

Why is PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology so much better than other laser tattoo removal systems?

  • PicoSure removes ink 3 to 4 times faster than any other laser tattoo removal system
  • PicoSure removes tattoos more effectively
  • PicoSure  reduces the pain associated with tattoo removal
  • PicoSure causes less damage to the skin than any other laser tattoo removal system available in Utah

PicoSure is radically different than any other Salt Lake City laser tattoo system. It uses extremely short pulses to hit ink particles with a pressure so great that the ink shatters into dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are easily both absorbed and eliminated from the body. This means that the tattoo is better cleared and will require fewer treatments.

If you think that PicoSure might be the right laser tattoo removal system for you, keep reading to see how different factors affect the results of PicoSure technology.

Color of Tattoo

In the past, certain blues and greens of tattoos were not easy to remove. This is now only an issue for outdated technology. PicoSure laser tattoo removal system effectively removes a spectrum of tattoo ink colors. Aesthetica clients have seen amazing results from PicoSure even if they have tried to get their tattoo removed before with other Salt Lake City laser tattoo removal systems.

Age of Tattoo

As you get older, the body changes. Over time, your skin loses collagen and elastin, so your tattoo may be faded or blurred. While older tattoos may have been more difficult to pinpoint and remove in the past, PicoSure easily breaks down the ink of all tattoos. Even if you had your tattoo recently, PicoSure can remove tattoos as early as the day they were inked.

Number of Treatments

Six weeks after the first PicoSure treatment, your body begins breaking down ink. This means that the time between treatments will make the process long, but the number of treatments is not pre-determined. You will need to meet with a PicoSure specialist at Aesthetica Medical Spa to determine the number of treatments you will need. The size, color, and location of the tattoo are all important factors in determining how many treatments you will need.

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Most patients do not blister or scab after they receive PicoSure laser tattoo removal system. But if blistering occurs, it is important that you do not pick at the blisters. Instead, you should cover the area with ointment and gauze to prevent scarring.

Contact Aesthetica Medical Spa at 877-580-2622 to see if Salt Lake City laser tattoo removal is right for you. Doesn’t your birthday suit deserve a second chance?  Schedule your laser tattoo removal consultation today.



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