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Common Questions

Can acne scars go away on their own?

Reddish or brownish acne scars can fade on their own, but it can take a year or longer. Mild to moderate scarring may also fade over time, but in general, unless acne scars are treated—especially severe scarring—they’re permanent.

What is the best treatment for acne scarring?

Every patient is different and acne scar treatments are not a one size fits all. Typically speaking, the fastest and best treatment for acne scarring is laser treatments like eMatrix, Morpheus8, Frax, Opus Plasma, and TotalFx. Other affective treatments at Aesthetica are Microneedling and Chemical Peels.

Clear skin starts here. Schedule a complimentary acne scar consultation with on of our Master Estheticians and see what we can do for you and which treatment(s) will be best for you. Call us at 801-785-8884.

Can you prevent acne scarring?

The best way to prevent acne scarring is preventing acne formation in the first place. At Aesthetica we offer various treatment options and skincare products for acne prevention. Check out our acne treatment page for more information.


The Aesthetica Difference

Our goal is to create beautiful, natural results while providing patients with personalized care and results that will exceed patients expectations

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah


Aesthetica Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery operates under the leadership of Kimball M. Crofts, MD, the Aesthetica Medical Director. Dr. Crofts has over 20 years of excellence in plastic surgery in Utah. His vision for the Medical Spa is the same as it is for his Plastic Surgery practice: it's about delivering results that change peoples lives and brings them the happiness that comes with the renewed confidence.

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah

Staff and Philosophy

Here at Aesthetica we have a patient-centered philosophy. Our goal is to take care of each patient and help them find the best version of themselves by providing customized treatment plans featuring the world's best products, treatments and technology. Our staff members are all fully licensed in the State of Utah and highly trained and experienced. Discover what we can do for you to improve how you look and feel.

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah

High Quality Products

Here at Aesthetica we offer the best of the best. We carry the most prestigious injectables, laser technology, skin rejuvenation treatments and medical grade skincare brands for both men and women. The products and technologies we carry provide solutions and are backed by science. We offer free skin consultations with a Master Estheticians or Nurse Injector for most of our treatments and services.

Addressing other skin concerns

Aesthetica’s professional providers have the credentials, experience, and knowledge to help you address any skin concerns you may have. We offer complimentary consultations with an in-depth skin analysis using the Emage Skin Imaging System. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us at 801-785-8884

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