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IPL and frax laser beforeipl and frax laser after

Results were achieved using a combination of Frax and IPL laser

hyperpigmentation treatment utahhyperpigmentation treatment utah

Results were achieved using different treatments and a customized skincare regimen

Common Questions

Is it too late to reverse sun damage?

No, it's never too late to reverse sun damage. Here at Aesthetica we focus on treating and preventing sun damage with lasers, chemical peels, different exfoliation treatments, medical-grade skincare products, and hydroquinone products. Curious to clear up sun damage, but not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation with us today by calling us at 801-785-8884.

What areas can you treat for sun damage?

At Aesthetica we can treat the face, neck, chest, arms, legs, and other areas on the body for sun damage with lasers as well as skincare products. 

What does sun damage on skin look like?

Normal aging is dictated by age and genetics, however, sun damage can happen to anyone at any age and it is dictated by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure from the sun and/or tanning beds. UV light  permanently damages DNA and the skin’s structure. Signs of sun damage can begin in the teens to early twenties. Symptoms include the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
    • Age spots
    • Liver spots (solar lentigines)
    • Freckles
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Rough, uneven skin texture
  • Broken capillaries
  • Redness and blotchiness

The Aesthetica Difference

Our goal is to create beautiful, natural results while providing patients with personalized care and results that will exceed patients expectations

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah


Aesthetica Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery operates under the leadership of Kimball M. Crofts, MD, the Aesthetica Medical Director. Dr. Crofts has over 20 years of excellence in plastic surgery in Utah. His vision for the Medical Spa is the same as it is for his Plastic Surgery practice: it's about delivering results that change peoples lives and brings them the happiness that comes with the renewed confidence.

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah

Staff and Philosophy

Here at Aesthetica we have a patient-centered philosophy. Our goal is to take care of each patient and help them find the best version of themselves by providing customized treatment plans featuring the world's best products, treatments and technology. Our staff members are all fully licensed in the State of Utah and highly trained and experienced. Discover what we can do for you to improve how you look and feel.

Aesthetica best medical spa in utah

High Quality Products

Here at Aesthetica we offer the best of the best. We carry the most prestigious injectables, laser technology, skin rejuvenation treatments and medical grade skincare brands for both men and women. The products and technologies we carry provide solutions and are backed by science. We offer free skin consultations with a Master Estheticians or Nurse Injector for most of our treatments and services.

Addressing other skin concerns

Aesthetica’s professional providers have the credentials, experience, and knowledge to help you address any skin concerns you may have. We offer complimentary consultations with an in-depth skin analysis using the Emage Skin Imaging System. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us at 801-785-8884

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