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Youthful beauty is, well, beautiful! But it is also fleeting. Hundreds of years ago most didn’t expect to live much beyond their 30’s and if you did you would become the village elder so to speak.

Kimball M. Crofts MD

Today we are living well into our 70’s and 80’s and feel great doing it. BUT our youthful beauty takes a toll as we live our lives full of sun and fun. We play and live hard but in doing so our skin suffers, some more than others. But fortunately there are a host of things we can do to counter the effects of an active life and aging. 

One such modern day therapy available to us is the Total FX Laser, which I like to call the “missing link” of cosmetic facial rejuvenation.  Up until the FX laser came along there was nothing truly effective in tightening the skin without major down time and likely side effects.

The typical Total FX patient will be down only about 4-5 days during the major healing period, compared to 2 weeks with other comparative laser treatments. And it really works! That is the great truth about this laser as compared to so many other lasers that purport to do the same. In fact, we have quit using our other lasers as the Total FX Laser has eclipsed their results completely, and with only one treatment.

That is truly amazing,

Dr. Kimball Crofts


Call 801-785-8825 to speak directly with Dr. Crofts staff or stop by today for a complimentary consultation on the benefits of the TotalFX.


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