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Fraxel Laser Treatment | Laser Skin Treatments Utah


Our goal here at Aesthetica Medical Spa is to offer the most advanced and effective technology available.  As such, we no longer offer the Fraxel laser treatment. 

We are proud to offer the new eMatrix Sublative RF technology.  Click here for more information on the eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation treatments.

What are the benefits of the Fraxel?

  • Acne Scars
  • Age Spots/Brown Spots
  • Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy)
  • Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Fraxel FAQ's

What It Is & Why It's Different:

Fraxel Laser Treatment is a new category of anti-aging medicine that provides the positive results of new-generation skin resurfacing without the downtime and risks associated with traditional abrasive treatment methods.

  • The advanced Fraxel laser treats only a very small fraction of skin at a time without breaking the skin's protective outer barrier. This is in contrast to traditional resurfacing techniques that remove the entire top layer of damaged skin andare associated with oozing, crusting and a lengthy recovery period.
  • This innovative approach repairs damaged skin by leaving each treatment area surrounded by healthy tissue, promoting rapid healing with minimal negative side effects and no lengthy downtime or need for general anesthesia.

How It Works

FRAXEL® LASER TREATMENT REPAIRS AGING AND SUN-DAMAGED SKIN - PIXEL BY PIXEL, SPOT BY SPOT. Think of a digital photo that is comprised of thousands of pixels. Now, imagine damaged skin that is delicately repaired, pixel by pixel, spot by spot. That's the principle behind Fraxel Laser Treatment.

  • The Fraxel laser passes through the top layer of skin like light through glass, reaching into the dermis below to create thousands of tiny, microscopic areas of thermal damage that stimulate the body's own wound healing response, notably new collagen production and replacement of damaged skin surfaces with new epidermal skin.
  • The penetrating wavelengths of Fraxel Laser Treatment resurface damaged skin, reduce periorbital wrinkles and correct pigmented lesions such as age spots and sun spots as your skin gradually becomes softer, smoother and fresher.
  • In contrast to non-ablative treatments, Fraxel Laser Treatment is like digital modification that rebuilds a picture, pixel by pixel, by creating new epidermal skin.

Why It Is Better?


  • Similar to the technique of editing a digital photograph, Fraxel Laser Treatment works on thousands of areas of skin that are so tiny, they are invisible to the naked eye. Each microscopic treatment area remains surrounded by living tissue that is affected by the laser in a special way. Approximately 20 to 25 percent of total skin area is treated and destroyed in each treatment. The fact that the remaining 75 to 80 percent of the patient's own untreated tissue is stimulated by the laser to rapidly repair the treated areas and produce the overall appearance of natural and healthylooking skin is a novel treatment concept.

How many treatments will I need?

Clinical studies suggest that on average, an effective treatment regimen is 3 to 5 sessions, spaced about 2 to 4 weeks apart. Depending upon your condition and schedule, you and your physician may choose to space treatment sessions even further apart. Results are immediate and progressive. Optimal improvement is usually visible in about 2 to 3 months. This time frame and treatment structure allows for complete healing and replacement of damaged tissue with new collagen and elastin, and viable healthy skin cell growth.

Is Fraxel® Laser Treatment painful?

Most patients describe the treatment as having a "prickling" sensation. The topical anesthetic ointment and air cooling alleviates most discomfort.

What should I expect after Fraxel® Laser Treatment?

During the first 24 hours after treatment, your skin may feel as though it is sunburned, and it will appear pink or red. Make-up can be worn to reduce the sunburned appearance. Your skin will naturally bronze over the next week or two. As you continue treatment, the sunburned to bronze conditions will repeat. Just like a natural sunburn, your skin will flake and exfoliate normally. Using a moisturizer will help reduce the appearance of dry flakes.

What precautions should I take after treatment?

Wearing sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher twice a day is especially important. Avoid direct sun exposure during the healing process and for at least 3 months after treatment. Wearing wide brimmed hats is highly recommended when out in the elements.  Protecting your skin from the sun is your biggest priority whether or not you have the Fraxel.  The sun is not your skin's friend.


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