FemTouch Vaginal Laser Review

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"The best dececision I have made in a long time!"

Where to begin? Oh I know, how about a months after I had my first child 9 yrs ago. I was so excited that I could start working out again from having my son, Channing. I vividly remember going to a Power Pump class at Gold’s Gym and as soon as the instructor had us do jumping jacks during the warm up it happened. It was so embarrassing! I teaspooned it. If you don’t know what that means, it means that I *gulp* peed a little. I seriously was like, what the heck is wrong with my body?! Thankfully, I had black leggings on and it wasn’t noticeable but the rest of the class I was super self conscious and paranoid that it would happen again. As soon as I got home that night, I vowed to do more kegels to get things tighter down there. I was NOT going to teaspoon it again!

Fast forward to having 2 more children and still peeing a little when I did jumping jacks.

Trust me I have kegeled the crap out of my vagina! I know I am not the only woman who has had beautiful babies and been like, “what the heck?! Why can’t I control my bladder!” I have gone to many fitness classes and I have noticed that when we know some sort of jumping activity is about to happen the mom’s all run to the bathroom so they don’t teaspoon themselves.

I also started noticing other fun things that had happened with my lady parts. Like the fact that I wasn’t as lubricated as I used to be. TMI I know, I overshare. I also had to be super careful to not get UTIs because those things are a b!#$%! If you haven’t had one, you are one lucky woman! So my husband, being the awesome man that he is, called my go-to place Aesthetica, and asked them about a procedure they offered called FemTouch. It’s not invasive and it sounded like it was the procedure I needed! I was SO excited that there was something that would assist me in all the areas that I had problems with. Now this is where the amazing part happens!

Today I went to Aesthetica and met with Stephanie, who I know from doing my Botox and Voluma. She is seriously amazing! We went over how the FemTouch laser worked and exactly what we would be doing during my treatment. She said I shouldn’t feel any pain and it would take 5 minutes. 5 Minutes?! I have time for that. Basically, this laser is inserted into your vaginal wall and it “aerates” your tissue, which will bring more blood to the area and rebuild a healthier vaginal wall. It would also bring my pH levels back to a normal acidic level (mine were higher than the healthy range.) She could also laser the outside of my vagina if needed, to tighten the labia. I was like, this all sounds amazing let’s get this started!

The procedure literally took 5 minutes and I didn’t feel ANY pain at all! I was so amazed that I wasn’t feeling any pain! Recovery time was about 72 hours, not 6 weeks with a traditional treatments. Most women will need 3-4 treatments and these are scheduled 4 weeks apart. I seriously cannot wait to be able to jump on the trampoline with my children and not have to put a panty liner on before I do! I am also stoked for all the many perks that will come with this procedure. I am sure my husband will be excited about them too!



*Aesthetica Note:

We would like to thank Chelsea from Sweats and Snapbacks for writing such a genuine review of the FemTouch procedure.

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