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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a quick, safe, and permanent way to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Aesthetica Medical Spa has two ways to make laser hair removal affordable for you!

If you are interested in treating more than one area of your body, we recommend that you check out our laser hair removal membership prices. Click here to see our membership pricing.

What laser hair removal in Salt Lake can do for you What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Silky smooth skin
  • No more shaving
  • Save time
  • No more ingrown hairs

Why Choose Aesthetica Medical Spa for Laser Hair Removal?

Our lasers

We use the latest technology from Candela to deliver the quickest and most effective laser hair removal system available.  Aesthetica Medical Spa uses the GentleMax and GentleLASE PRO systems from Candela which utilize the 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser technologies to deliver safe, effective, and fast laser hair removal.

Customized treatment plan

The laser technicians at Aesthetica Medical Spa are uniquely qualified. They all have years of experience and regular training.
This experience and training enables them to give you a treatment plan that will deliver the safest most effective laser hair removal possible.

How do lasers remove hair?

Laser hair removal safely removes unwanted hair without damaging the delicate pores and structure of the skin by using the light energy of the lasers. By using a laser, just enough energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The light is converted into heat, disabling the follicle, and preventing further growth. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is not invasive and can cover a large area quickly and safely.  Laser hair removal is also permanent.

How painful is laser hair removal?

Most people tolerate the laser hair removal treatment well.  Since everyone is different, the pain tolerance is different for everyone.  Some describe the treatment as uncomfortable.  

Others describe the treatment like a warm rubber band is hitting the skin.  There are factors such as location of the treatment and coarseness of the hair will impact the way the laser feels. 

To increase the comfort our patients the Candela lasers incorporate the Zimmer cooling system.  This continuous flow of chilled air helps to minimize the discomfort and side effects of the treatment.  Aesthetica also offers a prescription anesthetic that is applied before the treatment to numb the area being treated. 

Laser Hair Removal Utah - Aesthetica Medical Spa

How many times do I need to be treated?

The number of treatments required is different for everybody.  It is determined by the area to be treated, skin color, hair color, and coarseness.  Hair grows in multiple phases as well so it is impossible to get all of the hair in a single treatment.  We recommend 6 - 10 treatments at 4 - 6 week intervals between each treatment.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal pricing varies on the area of the body to be treated.  We offer a laser hair removal membership plan that makes it easy and affordable for everyone.  Plans range from 18-24 months and start at $23/month. And as with all of our membership plans, there are no hassles, no gimmicks, no long term commitments, no interest and no credit checks! 

Additional questions about laser hair removal?

Call us at 801-785-8884 if you have any additional questions on laser hair removal at Aesthetica Medical Spa.  Complimentary consultations are always available to discuss your treatment options and pricing. Our clientele come from all over Utah county for laser hair removal, but due to our exceptional laser hair removal specials, we also treat clients from the Salt Lake city area as well.  Call and set up your laser hair removal consultation today and experience the difference at Aesthetica Medical Spa!





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