Laser Tattoo Removal: 2 Frequently Asked Questions

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What to expect from laser tattoo removal and are there any side effects are the two frequently asked laser tattoo removal questions. Tattoos have gained an exponential increase in popularity over the last decade; it should be no surprise that many of the inked are now regretting their “permanent” adornments. Luckily, laser treatments have created a way to zap the ink right out of the epidermis, returning skin to its once-untouched beauty. The leader in tattoo removal in Utah is Inklifters. It is part of our laser center here at Aesthetica and is under the medical direction of board certified surgeon Dr. Kimball M. Crofts. 

But before zapping that ex’s name of your bicep, you may have questions about what to expect from laser tattoo removal and what the potential risks may be.

What Should I expect during my laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal requires multiple sessions. The number of laser sessions depends on the color and size of the tattoo. Some tattoos are easily removed in as little as two sessions, some require more laser treatments. Inklifters has the most advanced technology in the market for laser tattoo removal, the PicoWay laser. This allows our team at Inklifters to provide results in fewer treatments.

Laser tattoo removal is customized to treat each individual tattoo. Factors that may impact treatment include the age of the tattoo, the color of the patient’s skin, the type of tattoo (professional vs. amateur), and how deep the tattoo pigments are embedded in the skin.

When arriving to your laser tattoo removal appointment, you will be given a pair of protective eye shields to wear during the procedure. Next, the technician will test a small area to gauge the skin’s reaction to the laser and to determine how best to tailor the tattoo removal treatment.

Most tattoo removal patients do not require anesthesia; however, depending on the patient’s pain tolerance, topical creams or injections may be used to numb the skin at the site of treatment. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive, which may also influence the use of numbing agents during laser tattoo removal.

The technician will then place a hand piece over the are to be treated; this activates the laser light. The pulse of the laser can be uncomfortable: it has been described as feeling like a grease splatter or a flick of a rubber band. Smaller areas require fewer pulses, but multiple laser tattoo removal visits are required for all tattoos.

After the laser tattoo removal procedure, ice is placed on the treated area to soothe the skin irritation. The patient will need to treat the area with antibiotic cream and cover it with a bandage or patch for several days to protect it from infection and the sun.

What are the possible side effects of laser tattoo removal?

There are minimal side effects from laser tattoo removal, but complications can occur. These include:

  • Infection at treatment site
  • Scarring
  • Hypo or hyperpigmentation
  • Darkening of tattoos (for cosmetic tattoos)

When selecting a laser tattoo removal provider, it is important to choose one with an established reputation and history of consistent results to avoid potential complication. Following the after care instructions of your laser tattoo removal provider can help reduce the risk of any complications.

Are you ready for laser tattoo removal?

Inklifters is the leader in tattoo removal since 2007. Over the years, Inklifters has performed hundreds of successful laser tattoo removal treatments. Our laser technicians can give you a quote on your tattoo removal during a complementary consultation. You can Schedule a free tattoo removal consultation by calling 888.UNDO.INK.

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