7 Tips To Use Retinol For Sensitive Skin

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There is no question that retinol is one of the best, most effective, and studied ingredients in skincare for anti-aging. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that promotes skin cell turnover. However, it does have its downsides and retinol can be harsher on sensitive skin. In this blog, we asked our Master Estheticians to share with us their expertise. We believe that their advice is not only useful for patients using retinol for sensitive skin, but also patients who are starting their retinol journey.

Meet Aesthetica’s skin experts:

Tip #1: Use a lower strength of retinol

Aesthetica Master Esthetician, Kylee, stated that she recommends her sensitive skin patients to start by using a lower concentration of retinol. The less concentrated form of retinol is less aggressive and reduces the risk of excessive dryness and irritation. Ideally, she recommends her patients to begin using 0.25% and titrate the dose as their skin gets used to retinol. 

At Aesthetica, we carry medical-grade retinol products from SkinMedica, Alastin, and ZO SkinHealth. Come in for a free consultation with one of our Master Estheticians to see which retinol would be best for you. Call us at 801-785-8884 to schedule.

Tip #2: Try using a retinol that’s designed for sensitive skin, like AlphaRet from Skinbetter

Since retinol is such a powerful ingredient, oftentimes, it can take time for your skin to adjust. Luckily, there is a solution for that! Skinbetter’s AlphaRet is a patented technology that combines a retinoid with an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). The AlphaRet products come with the benefits of retinol, with little-to-no irritation.

AlphaRet is an award-winning skin technology and was created to deliver remarkable anti-aging results without the irritation that comes with retinol. For this reason, all of Aesthetica’s Master Estheticians recommend most patients, especially those with sensitive skin, to try an AlphaRet product first as their intro to retinols.

At Aesthetica, we carry Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream and AlphaRet Clearing Serum. Not sure which is the best product to get started on? Schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our Master Estheticians for an in-depth skin analysis.

Tip #3: Gradually ease into using retinol products

When introducing retinol for sensitive skin, our Master Esthetician, April, says:

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Ease into any retinol product to reduce irritation, redness, and dryness.

At Aesthetica, our Master Estheticians recommend starting off by using your retinol product every third night and gradually dosing up to every night.

How long does it take to begin using retinol every night you may ask? Well, that differs from person to person. Some people tolerate retinol well and can increase their frequency of use in as little as two weeks, other patients may have to wait a month or longer. 

Generally speaking, if everything’s going well and you’re experiencing little to no dryness, redness, or flaking, it’s safe to say you can increase your frequency of retinol during the week. Our recommendation is using it every three nights per week, then every two nights per week, and eventually begin to use it every night of the week. Every person’s skin is as unique as them, so a slow, gradual approach with retinol is always recommended by our providers here at Aesthetica.

Tip #4: Try the sandwich method

This method refers to the technique of layering a retinol product between moisturizers to create a barrier to reduce irritation while simultaneously hydrating the skin. For this method, apply a layer of moisturizer, then your retinol, and then another layer of moisturizer. This method is great for patients who find retinol to be too drying.

Tip #5: Pair your retinol with a thick moisturizer

Another great tip on using retinol for sensitive skin is to pair your retinol product with a rich moisturizer. At Aesthetica we carry medical-grade skincare products with proven scientific data to improve your skin health. Master Esthetician, Amiya, gave us some of her favorite thick moisturizers we carry here at Aesthetica:

  • Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment from Skinbetter
  • TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream from SkinMedica
  • Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology from Alastin
  • From ZO SkinHealth, she recommended Recovery Crème, Hydrating Crème, and Renewal Crème

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Tip #6: Avoid using other harsh, active ingredients while using retinol

Since retinol itself can be irritating, we recommend you to avoid using harsh, active ingredients which can lead to even further irritation, dryness, and redness on sensitive skin types. Not sure if the products you’re using could interact with retinol? Ask one of our Master Estheticians during your next appointment.

Schedule a complimentary skin consultation with us at Aesthetica to go over your current regimen, skin concerns, and skin needs. During this consultation, we will conduct a deep skin-analysis using EMAGE to see what’s going on deep in your skin that may not be visible. From there, one of our Master Estheticians will create a custom skin care regimen of products and treatments to address your skin concerns and needs. 

Tip #7: Avoid the sun and always use sunscreen

Never skip sunscreen; sensitive skin or not.

Says Makayla, Aesthetica Master Esthetician, and we couldn’t agree more! Sunscreen is one of the best and most effective anti-aging skincare products you could use. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, but it also hydrates your skin. At Aesthetica, we carry numerous broad spectrum sunscreens for every skin type and person. We carry mineral, tinted, lotion, compact, and even powder sunscreens. Shop for the following medical-grade sunscreens at Aesthetica:

  • Alastin HydraTint Mineral Sunscreen Lotion
  • ZO SkinHealth Sunscreen + Powder Sunscreen 
  • SkinMedica Essential Defense Everyday Clear Mineral Sunscreen Lotion
  • Skinbetter Advanced Mineral Protection Clear Sunscreen Stick
  • Skinbetter Sunscreen Compact (Clear & Tone Smart)
  • Skinbetter Advanced Mineral Protection Tone Smart Sunscreen Lotion

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