Back to School Clear Skincare Guide

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Heading back to school this fall? Now is the time to start that clear skincare journey you’ve been procrastinating. Maintaining a good skincare regimen is a component of clearing acne. Combining skincare with clinically proven facial treatments is key to achieving clear skin for when school starts.

Treating acne

Treating and controlling acne breakouts can be a difficult and long, strenuous journey. This journey can also come at a cost of harmful side effects. Traditional acne treatments are taken by oral route or applied topically. These treatments are usually used for several months or even years to treat acne.

Many of these traditional acne treatments, such as prescription medications, come at the cost of harmful side effects. This includes the possibility of building antibiotic resistance, birth defects, mental health issues, brain/neurological issues, and even skeletal problems. With AviClear acne laser, you can say goodbye to those negative side effects. 

AviClear is an award-winning laser used for the treatment of mild to severe acne. With AviClear, you don’t need to worry about negative side effects or the continuous use of a prescription medication. AviClear is a 3-series treatment, with each appointment lasting 30-45 minutes spaced 4 weeks apart.

back to school skincare
back to school skincare

How does AviClear work?

To understand how AviClear works, it’s important to understand how acne’s formed. Acne occurs when sebum combines with dead skin cells and dirt and clogs your pores. Most traditional acne treatments target other things instead of sebum production. These things include cell turnover, targeting bacteria, and even hormonal effects. 

AviClear treats acne at the source. It targets overactive sebaceous glands without damaging other parts of the skin. In short, AviClear regulates overactive oil glands. In turn decreasing in size leading to a decrease of oil production in the skin and acne breakouts.

Does AviClear hurt?

AviClear has AviCool, a skin cooling technology to maintain the skin’s temperature. This technology allows for a more comfortable experience for patients. During treatments, patients may experience a snapping sensation. However, the overall treatment is tolerable for most patients. 

For patients who may experience pain and discomfort, we offer Pro-Nox, or “laughing gas.” Pro-Nox provides fast-acting pain relief, increases patient comfort, and decreases anxiety. Ask your Master Esthetician about Pro-Nox if you’re worried about pain and discomfort.

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When will I see my AviClear results?

Acne will continue to reduce after each treatment. Patients will see their full results 6-12 months after their 3rd treatment.

Combining AviClear with Aesthetica Favorite Acne Products and Treatments

Our patients combine AviClear with products and other treatments for optimal results. For a list of must have products for acne prone skin, click here. A DiamondGlow treatment is also recommended for AviClear patients between their sessions. DiamondGlow facials extract and exfoliate the skin to avoid excessive purging and give your skin a hydration boost. Click here to learn more about the DiamondGlow treatment

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